Are you a smart person?

Are you a smart person?


You are unhappy with your phone service provider. You call up the customer service department however the operator is not cooperative and is unable to help you. What do you do?

The roof of your house has started to leak. You call the plumber, who tells you that the entire plumbing system in the roof needs an overhaul which will cost thousands of dollars .What would you do?

An airplane is going from country A to country B. It crashes exactly on the border of country A and B. Where would they bury the survivors?

You walk into the bank to deposit a very urgent and high value check exactly at 5 pm when the bank is about to close. The cashier refuses to accept it as it is a few minutes beyond closing time. What do you do?

Your car breaks down at the service station and you are on the lookout for a spare set of jumper cables. What do you do?

There is a theft in your house. The first thing you do is

Do you usually find yourself saying, I didn't get it, when your friends crack intelligent jokes?

Are you great at bargaining while shopping?

Do your friends often laugh at you just because you can't add, subtract or multiply numbers in daily life especially while paying a bill or shopping?

Are you a smart person?
You are not a smart person.
You are easily convinced by others and seem to lack a high level of aptitude and smartness when it comes to being street smart.
You are a smart person.
You are a smart individual who has an active mindset. You are not easy to fool.