Are you a hipster?

Are you a hipster?


When you usually go to a restaurant, what do you generally order?

What is your favorite genre of movies?

What color is your hair?

If you had time to pass, what would you generally do?

Have you ever tried drugs?

If you had the choice to pick a career without being worried about the money, which career would you pick?

Out of the following, which ones are your favorite books?

Which music bands do you like?

Which is your favorite TV show?

Are you a hipster?
You are a hipster.
You should have been born in the 60s or the 70s when the hippie culture was at its peak. You love living an alternative lifestyle and love following everything indie. You are a cool hipster.
You are on your way to become a hipster.
You have a mix of conventional and alternative tastes. You are not completely a hipster.
You are not a hipster at all.
You are an absolutely normal person with conventional and regular choices.
You are unsure whether you are a hipster or not.
You have mixed characteristics of a hipster and a conventional person. Your choices and tastes depend on your state of mind and your mood.