Are you a hopeless romantic?

Are you a hopeless romantic?


Do you think that relationships born out of love at first sight work in the long term?

What is the definition of a perfect kiss?

What would you do to make your date memorable?

Imagine that the story of the movies listed below can come true with you playing the lead part, which movie would you pick?

Which best describes your preferences in life?

Which novel do you love reading again and again?

For you, a Rose resembles

You see a couple making out at the bus stop. How do you react?

What gift do you find yourself giving your date time and again?

Are you a hopeless romantic?
You are a hopeless romantic.
Your idea of romance is like that in the movies. You'd love living a fairy tale where there is a prince who comes riding and sweeps the princess off her feet.
You become a hopeless romantic only sometimes.
You are romantic but practical at the same time. While there are tender moments when you become hopelessly romantic, you are grounded most of the time.
You are a little bit of a cynic when it comes to love and romance.
You are very practical when it comes to romance. You don't believe in the glossy frilly stuff that popular culture and movies have ingrained in the minds of hopelessly romantic people.
You have mood swings of being hopelessly romantic.
You are a hopeless romantic when you are in a good mood and other times, you are pretty nonchalant about romance.