Are you a lesbian?

Are you a lesbian?


Suppose you are at a party and everyone is merry. One of your female friends is quite intoxicated. She leans over to kiss you. What do you do?

Do you hate all guys?

You are in the movie theater watching a very romantic movie. There are two girls in the seat in front of you who start kissing. How do you feel?

Have you ever wondered how would it feel to make love to a woman?

You meet an old school friend after many years. Both of you decide to go out and have a few drinks. Unknowingly, you enter a bar where all the women are lesbians. What do you do?

You are getting ready for a dinner outing with friends. What will you put on?

From all the female friends that you have, how many are lesbian?

You are on a holiday and are sharing a room with 2 other girls. How do you feel?

From the below, what best describes the kind of clothes that you wear?

Are you a lesbian?
You are a lesbian.
You certainly display lesbian traits. You have fantasized about being with other women and you are very curious about how life would be as a lesbian.
You are curious.
You may not be a lesbian but you are definitely very curious about the feeling. You don't mind hanging out with lesbians and you are interested in finding out more.
You are definitely not a lesbian.
You do not display any characteristics of being a lesbian. You have the attitude and outlook of a straight girl.
You are confused about your sexuality.
You display varying personality traits and seem to be unsure of your sexual orientation. You may want to go and visit a counselor.