Are you a movie buff?

Are you a movie buff?


How many DVD's do you own?

Are you a member of a film club or have you subscribed to updates from theaters for latest movies?

What genres of movies do you prefer watching?

Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn - Which famous movie is this catchphrase from?

What do you immediately do after you come back from the movies?

Do your friends usually call you to ask for your recommendation on which movies to watch?

Which movie is the prequel to the classic Silence of the Lambs?

Which author's book is the popular film 'Devil Wear Prada' based on?

How would you react if you watched a movie and cried?

Are you a movie buff?
You are a big time movie buff.
You love watching movies and you also know a lot of trivia about them. You are like a walking movie library and you make conscious efforts to keep yourself updated about movies.
You watch movies occasionally but aren't a movie buff.
You like watching movies once in a while. You treat movies as pure entertainment and have no emotions attached to them.
You are not a movie buff at all.
You hardly watch movies, let alone know anything about them. You aren't bothered to catch up with the latest releases. You'd rather invest time doing something else than watch a movie.