Are you a nerd?

Are you a nerd?


Would you feel sad if a friend beats you in a car racing game on Xbox?

What would you rather prefer - A loud night in the bar or a quiet and cozy afternoon in the library?

Which books do you have on your book shelf at home?

You are traveling in a train when you overhear two people arguing about a math problem. You know the correct answer. What will you do?

Have you ever edited Wikipedia?

If someone were to barge into your room right now, what would they find?

You are going on a holiday. Which books are you likely to take along with yourself to read?

Your computer is infected with a virus. What will you do?

Which TV show out of these would you like to watch?

Are you a nerd?
You are a nerd.
You display all the characteristics of a nerd. You love computers and like to spend time doing geeky things.
You are a normal human being.
You are neither a nerd nor are you a wild child, you are a normal human being. You are a fairly knowledgeable person who likes to have a good time in life.
You are not a nerd.
You may be a rock star, but you are not a nerd. You display the habits of someone who is far from being academically intelligent.
You are an intelligent person.
You are an intelligent person who knows a lot of things, but you are not a nerd. You seem to take interest in various walks of life but that does not make you a nerd.