Are you a psycho?

Are you a psycho?


Who is the last person you say good night to before you sleep?

You come back home from school or work. You are the only one in the house. What is the first thing that you do?

You are driving on the freeway with your young kids in the car. What is the average car speed you would maintain?

After you watch a thriller movie, what do you usually do?

Have you ever been to a psychiatrist for any type of counseling?

You've fallen for a person of the opposite sex head over heels at the very first sight. How do you try to get in touch with them?

If you were given the choice to do any job in the world, not having to worry about money, you would be a

What would you have done if you were given the chance to change something in your life?

How many jobs have you changed in the past 6 months and why?

Are you a psycho?
You are a total psycho.
Not only do you do weird things, you also behave in an extremely peculiar manner in front of other people. You don't seem to have a single characteristic which is normal.
You are on your way to becoming a psycho.
You haven't psyched out completely yet but you show many tendencies that point towards the fact that you may be a psycho. If you don't keep these peculiarities in check, you might become a total psycho.
You are not a psycho.
You are a very normal person with normal habits and behavior. You may have your peculiarities once in a while, but in no manner can you even vaguely be considered a psycho.
You are unsure whether you are a psycho or not.
You display mixed characteristics. Sometimes you behave like an absolute psycho, other times you are quite normal.