Are you a sadist?

Are you a sadist?


You are walking down the street when you see an injured puppy. What do you do?

Your sister sneaks in late in the house after a concert. Will you tell your parents?

Have you ever hit someone just for fun?

Your best friend goes on a date with a very attractive guy/girl. Would you ever flirt with your best friend's date?

Your brother is nervous because he has a very important job interview coming up. What do you tell him?

What do you think about torture rituals?

Where would you prefer going after your death, heaven or hell?

Do you like to celebrate Christmas?

You are walking on the street when you see a bike rider fall face first into the concrete. He sustains major injuries. What do you do?

Are you a sadist?
You are a sadist
You are a sadist. You are sadistic because you take pleasure in watching others suffer. You don't like to see everyone around you happy nor do you believe in supporting others for a better cause.
You are not a sadist but you are a pessimist
You are not a sadist but you are a pessimist. You may not be a complete sadist, but you seem to be a pessimist. You don't have too many happy thoughts nor do you see positivity in everything. You don't seem to wish well for others all the time.
You are not a sadist at all
You are not a sadist at all. You are not a sadist and in fact, you may be the complete opposite. You wish well for others and you are likely to go out of your way to help anyone in need. You seem to be an optimistic person and there need to be more people like you in this world.
You are cold hearted
You are cold hearted. You may not be a sadist, but your choices indicate that you may have a cold heart. Generally you carry a good nature and personality but there may be times when you show your ugly side.