Are you a social person?

Are you a social person?


How likely are you to spend a Friday night at home?

Do you meet your friends online more than in real life?

Someone invites you to a party. What is your first thought?

Do you really enjoy talking long walks in the park all by yourself?

You come back home after buying a new video game and you can't wait to play it. Just then, you get a call from your friends asking you to go and hang out. What would you do?

How often do you get phone calls or messages from friends to go out?

How many parties or social gatherings have you been to in the last 1 month?

Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend, or are you in a relationship?

You come back home from work and are too tired to cook a meal. What would you do?

Are you a social person?
You are a social person.
You have an active social life. You seem to enjoy the company of friends and don't mind making new ones too.
You don't seem to be a social person.
You enjoy spending time by yourself and are not too attracted to social gatherings.