Are you a sociopath?

Are you a sociopath?


How many jobs have you changed in the last year and why?

Have you ever tried drugs and narcotics?

Suppose you are an atheist. How likely are you to attend Midnight Mass during Christmas?

What kind of relationship do your parents share?

Whenever you make a promise to someone, what do you really mean?

According to you, one great reason to get into a relationship is

Have you heard Lady Gaga's bestselling track?

What do you think about people going to Church?

What's your favorite pastime?

Are you a sociopath?
You are a sociopath.
You hate adhering to the norms established by society and take sadistic pleasure in hurting other people. You are antisocial and you must seek help.
You are on your way to become a sociopath.
You tend to dislike most elements of social order. You've not had a great childhood and you'd rather live in your shell than interact with society.
You are not a sociopath.
You are an absolutely normal person who behaves according to the norms established by society and loves mingling with people. You've had a normal childhood and you function like any other normal person.
You show mixed characteristics.
In some situations, you are extremely antisocial and at other times, you show a sudden bout of being very social. You display mixed traits and so you can't be called a sociopath.