Are you a true Twilight fan?

Are you a true Twilight fan?


Who has written the original book on which the film Twilight is based?

What are the names of the characters played by Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in the film?

Who is the director of Twilight?

What are the names of the sequels that followed after Twilight?

When was Twilight released?

Where was most of the movie shot?

What is the name of the character played by Billy Burke in the film Twilight?

Who has composed the original musical score for Twilight?

In which setting does the revelation of Robert Pattinson being a vampire happen in the film?

Are you a true Twilight fan?
You are a true fan of Twilight.
You are a big fan of its lead star cast. You've watched it many times and you love reading up about the movie's trivia. You have also read the original Twilight book.
You are not a big fan of Twilight.
You have seen the movie and you like it but you're not particularly a hardcore fan. You don't really know much about the movie, nor are you keen to follow the details.