Are you above average level ?

Are you above average level ?


Which of these words is a synonym for exciting?

If all Zargs are Pows but no Pows are Zangs, are any Zargs Zangs?

Liza is twice the age Janetta was last year. Janetta is triple Phoebe's age. If Phoebe is 2, how old is Liza?

What is the odd word out: Snakeu3001 Iguanau3001 Frogu3001 Chameleon

Isabella is 12 years old. Hector is treble the age of Marlin. Mikey is 16. If Isabella and Marlin have the combined age of Mikey, how old is Hector?

Three girls are sat on a couch. Their names are Ali, Amber and Annabelle. Annabelle isn't sat in the centre. Ali is sat next to Annabelle. Who is sat in the centre?

If the circumference of a circle is 10cm, what is the radius?

There are 25 children in Class 5. The ratio of girls to boys is 2:3. What percentage of the class are girls?

Noah lives 24 miles north of Kira. Kira lives 97 miles south of Mark. How many miles away from each other do Noah and Mark live?

And finally, what is 5n+6?

Are you above average level ?
You are below average.
Your IQ age is probably in the range 0-89.
I would recommend working to improve it.
You have correctly answered 4 of 10 questions.