Are you addicted to your iPhone?

Are you addicted to your iPhone?


Which do you think is better, iPhone or Blackberry?

Besides the standard apps that come with your new phone, how many pages of downloaded apps do you have on your iPhone?

Suppose your iPhone crashes and you take it to the Apple store. They tell you that it will take at least a week before it gets repaired. How do you feel?

Have you ever tried to convince any of your friends or colleagues to sell their old phone and get an iPhone?

You are getting bored at office because you have nothing to do. How will you pass your time?

You are in downtown and you urgently need to withdraw cash from your bank card. You can't seem to locate an ATM nearby. What do you do?

You are going on a vacation and your flight is in the next hour or so. Besides your passport, tickets and money, what else do you check if you've got it in your bags?

What do you generally use your iPhone for on a daily basis?

Suppose you were to pick from these two options - spend 2 weeks without the company of your partner or spend 2 weeks without your iPhone. Which one will you choose?

Are you addicted to your iPhone?
You are addicted to your iPhone.
Your daily life depends on the functionality of your iPhone and it is virtually impossible for you to spend even 24 hours without it.
You may be addicted to your iPhone.
You like using all the features of your iPhone and your dependence on it is growing day by day. If you don't keep your dependence in control, you may very well become addicted soon.
Your iPhone is just another phone for you.
You don't seem to be fascinated with your iPhone and you use it as just another phone. You are definitely not addicted to it.
You like your iPhone.
You generally like all the features of your iPhone but you are not addicted to it. You see it as a useful gadget.