Are you anti-social?

Are you anti-social?


What is your first expression when someone talks about Justin Bieber?

Do you think Justin Bieber can sing well?

Do you believe that after many years Justin Bieber will be one of the greatest pop stars ever?

You buy your favorite magazine and see that Justin Bieber is on the cover page. You

Do you follow Justin Bieber on Twitter?

How much would you pay for a date with Justin Bieber?

What is Justin Bieber's date of birth and where was he born?

Have you disliked any of Justin Bieber's videos on YouTube?

Justin Bieber is considered more popular than personalities like Barack Obama and Dalai Lama on social networks. How do you feel about that?

Are you anti-social?
You are very social by nature.
You love being around people and you enjoy making new friends and meeting people.
You seem to be anti-social by nature.
You don't like to be around too many people and are really choosy about whom you befriend. Social gatherings are outside your comfort zone.