Are you being manipulated by your partner?

Are you being manipulated by your partner?


Suppose a person of the opposite sex flirts with your partner at the mall, who jokingly reciprocates the flirty advances. When confronted, your partner tells you it was just healthy flirting. On another day at the movie theater, when a person of the opposite sex flirts with you, you too engage in healthy flirting. What will your partner say?

You and your partner have opposite choices in the type of movies that you like to watch. Which movies do you generally end up watching?

You and your partner are planning a vacation together. Where are you likely to go?

Your partner is having trouble finding a new job and asks you if you can lend him/her some money. When and how do you think your partner would pay you back?

Your partner expects you to share all your secrets. Does he/she do the same?

Do you catch your partner lying to you often?

Your partner spends a lot of time hanging out with his/her friends. When your partner comes back home, does he/she give vague answers when you ask questions regarding his/her whereabouts?

How often do you feel that your partner fights and argues with you unnecessarily or because of no fault of your own?

Have you ever caught your partner cheating on you? If yes, how did you deal with it?

Are you being manipulated by your partner?
Your partner is not manipulative.
You both seem to be mature and understanding partners who wish the best for each other.
You are not being manipulated by your partner but he/she does seem to have the upper hand.
Your partner may not be explicitly manipulating you. However he/she does manage to have his/her way in the relationship. It is definitely not 50-50 when it comes to making fair decisions in your relationship.
You are being manipulated by your partner.
Your partner has lied to you in the past and it seems that you are facing the brunt of a controlling and manipulative partner.
Your partner's manipulation is temperamental.
It is difficult to make a general statement that your partner is manipulating you. Depending on the mood and the situation, your partner's manipulation changes.