Are you being taken for granted?

Are you being taken for granted?


You and your friends are going out for a movie. There are 3 great movies playing this weekend. You want to see the action thriller while a few others in your group want to see the romantic comedy. Which movie will you finally end up watching?

Between you and your partner, who generally wins arguments?

You never mind staying back late to help your colleague finish his work. Suppose you have a date in the evening and you ask your colleague to help you out by staying back late at work so that you can leave early. What do you think he will say?

You and your partner are planning a weekend away. While you want to go to a lakeside picnic spot, your partner wants to go the beach. Where will you end up going?

You have just broken up with your partner. You call your best friend past midnight because you want to speak to someone. What is he/she likely to tell you?

You have been doing things that are beyond your job profile. You go and speak to your manager and tell him that you should be paid extra for doing the tasks that are outside your allotted work quota. How do you think he will react?

You come back home from work and you receive a call from your partner whose car has broken down. Your partner can easily call the roadside assist program and get the car towed back home. What will your partner do?

How often do your friends keep asking you for favors that seem uncalled for? Do you oblige?

You always go out of the way at work to ensure that nothing is out of its place. You don't mind staying back late if the need arises, nor do you mind helping out others. How often do you get appreciated for your efforts?

Are you being taken for granted?
You are never taken for granted.
Everyone around you knows that you hold your ground. No one would even attempt to take you for granted.
You are taken for granted but you are not a pushover.
It seems that you are a likeable person.
You always seem to be taken for granted.
Your colleagues, friends and even your partner seem to know that it is easy to get things done from you. You seldom get to choose what you want to do when you are around others.
You display mixed personality traits.
While sometimes you are able to hold your fort, other times people tend to take you for granted completely.