Are you bipolar?

Are you bipolar?


Whenever you go out with friends, what kind of mood are you usually in?

You have a presentation coming up for which you have been preparing for weeks. You are quite confident that you will do well. Finally, when the day comes how do you perform?

Have you ever spoken rudely to your best friend for no reason at all?

You have to complete a project at school/work that requires high amounts of creativity in a week's time? Would you be able to do it well and meet the deadline?

Suppose you come back from work and are in a terrible mood for no reason. How do you deal with it?

You haven't been getting good sleep from the past few days and you have a fully packed day at work lined up today. How would you see yourself passing the day?

Have you been through marathon sessions of watching films, reading books, listening to music etc through the entire night without batting an eyelid?

Has anyone in your family tree ever been diagnosed of any psychological disorder?

Out of anger or frustration, have you ever broken things in your room or your house?

Are you bipolar?
You show extreme signs of bipolarity which don't allow you to function like a normal person.
You need to seek guidance of a medical practitioner and start getting some treatment for the same.
You show tendencies of being bipolar.
You show a few signs that could be leading you towards bipolarity. You may want to seek the guidance of a medical practitioner to check for symptoms.
You are not bipolar.
You show absolutely no signs of this disorder. You are a completely sane and mentally healthy person.
You are confused about your own behavior.
You show varying sings and mental tendencies that make it difficult to tell whether you are bipolar or not.