Are you boring?

Are you boring?


You have a date and you want to do something exciting and adventurous to surprise your partner. What will you plan?

You are bored and you sit on the sofa to watch TV. You have an option of watching Fear Factor, a sitcom or a documentary about evolution on Discovery channel. What are you most likely to watch?

When was the last time you went on an impromptu road trip?

Your best friend calls you late in the night and asks you if you can come to his/her place to hang out. What do you say?

What is your biggest asset?

You've had a busy week at work and the weekend is coming up. What have you planned?

You and your partner are going for a vacation after 2 months to a foreign country. You have already bought the air tickets, arranged for the visas and booked the accommodation. When would you start packing and planning other little things?

Your friend calls you and tells you about how she is having an affair with a colleague. How would you react?

You and your friend are planning to go out for dinner. Where will you go?

Are you boring?
You are not boring.
You seem to be a wild child and you definitely don't have a boring personality. You are ready to try new things and have fun in life.
You are not boring but there are times when you tend to hide inside your shell.
You need to be more open to new things.
You are boring.
You are neither open to trying new things nor are you open to impromptu decisions. You like to know and plan everything well in advance. You may bore others.
You may not boring but you need to live life to the fullest.
There is still more scope for you to step out and enjoy life in its fullest form.