Are you crazy?

Are you crazy?

Suppose you are walking down the street and someone unknowingly bumps into you. Even though it's not your fault, they give you an angry look. What do you do?

What do you think of self harm? Have you ever harmed or cut yourself?

Do you ever indulge in activities that are generally considered to be taboo?

Do you ever hear or see things that others don't?

Suppose you are going to a party at a night club. What are you likely to wear?

From the below, what would you do on a summer holiday?

Has your partner ever dumped you just because you were too weird for them?

No you have never been a stalker.

What are your friends like?

Are you crazy?
You are not crazy at all.
You seem to be a normal person who enjoys life by doing things that normal people do.
You a borderline case.
You like to explore life to the fullest and if that means doing some crazy things, you're all for it. But you are not crazy by nature.
Your hobbies, dressing sense, personality and many other elements of your lifestyle cannot be considered sane and normal.
You may want to talk to someone and get some help.
Your behavior is crazy depending on the situation.
Depending on the situation and the people around you, you act crazy. You're not always crazy nor are you always sane.