Are you dateable?

Are you dateable?


What attracts you to a person of the opposite sex?

Do you flirt often?

You have saved just enough money to either buy yourself something you've always wanted or gift something to your partner of his/her birthday. What do you do?

If your boyfriend/girlfriend calls you in the middle of your gym class and asks you out on an impromptu date, what would you do?

Do you remember the very first date with your boyfriend/girlfriend?

When was the first time you kissed your boyfriend/girlfriend?

Do you go out of the way to keep your partner happy?

Are you willing to give up on a few habits of yours just because your boyfriend/girlfriend does not like them?

Have you ever cheated in any of your previous relationships?

Are you dateable?
You don't seem to be dateable.
You seem to be self centered and sometimes tend to ignore the needs and wants of a partner.
You are dateable.
You make for a very loyal and caring lover, whom anyone would love to be with. You seem to know the true meaning of being in a relationship and you will keep your partner happy.