Are you depressed?

Are you depressed?


A friend calls you and asks you to join him/her for a movie right away. What do you say?

Do you think that life is fair and you have got what you deserved in life?

How many good friends do you have who give you company even when you are down?

Your girlfriend/boyfriend calls you and asks you if you both can go for a weekend getaway. What do you say?

You have been invited to your best friend's birthday party. What are you likely to do when you reach the venue?

Your friend calls you and asks you to come to the local pub for a few rounds of drinks. What do you wear?

You are coming back home after a late night movie when you see a group of guys and girls probably in their late 20's laughing loudly and harmlessly being merry outside a pub. What's going on in your mind?

If there is only one thing that you'd want to change about your life, what would it be?

Close your eyes and visualize any color. Which one is it?

Are you depressed?
You are depressed.
You seem to lack any sort of happiness in your life and you have a very dull approach to everything that is happening to you. You are going through a phase of depression.
You are not depressed but you are not happy either.
Your life has not turned out exactly the way you wanted it to. But you are working at making things better.
You are not depressed at all and you seem to be happy with your life.
You are enjoying every bit of your life at the moment. You seem to have a healthy approach towards friends, relationships and life in general.
You are in a confused state of mind.
You seem to be aware of the things that are causing pain and hurt in your life but you are not sure how to get over them. You are swinging between bouts of depression and happiness.