Are you dumb?

Are you dumb?


Suppose a plane crashed on the border of USA and Mexico. Where will the survivors be buried?

You have just finished work and you walk down to your office car park. You walk to the car to find 3 flat tires. What do you do?

Throughout school or college, did you always find yourself at the bottom end of the class when it came to grades?

Suppose you are standing in front of the mirror. Which side will your right hand be in the mirror?

Besides magazines, how many books do you own? If you don't buy books, do you have a library card that you use often?

How many months in a year have 28 days?

How often do you find your friends making fun of your intelligence?

You are at the neighborhood supermarket with a trolley full of groceries for the entire month. You come to the checkout only to realize that you have forgotten your wallet. What do you do?

Do you often find yourself regretting saying something just because you didn't think before you speak?

Are you dumb?
You are dumb.
You seem to lack the basic logic and understanding that is expected of an average person. You have never done well academically nor do you display characteristics of a person who is street smart.
You are neither dumb nor are you smart.
You seem to posses the basic understanding that is expected of an average person. Let's just say that you are an average Joe.
You are smart, not dumb.
You are intelligent, academically inclined and seem to make wise choices in life. You are smart.
You can be smart.
You seem to have a sense of logic and with a little bit of extra effort and awareness, you can be on your way to being a smart person.