Are you emotionally dependent on your boyfriend?

Are you emotionally dependent on your boyfriend?


You get into a fight with your parents. The first person you call to let it all out would be

You have a big exam coming up tomorrow and you haven't finished even 20 percent of your coursework. Your boyfriend calls. What would you tell him?

Your group of friends decides to go out for a movie followed by dinner. Your boyfriend has a last minute emergency and is unable to make it. You would

Your boyfriend is going to be away for a week with little or no cell phone signal. How would you deal with that?

Who is the first one to make up when you have a fight with your boyfriend?

Your parents are in the middle of a messy divorce. You expect your boyfriend to

How would you react if your boyfriend forgot your birthday?

You get a great job opportunity but it requires you to move to a different country for the next 2 years. Would you take it?

You get into a terrible fight with a friend of yours, so much so, that the fight gets ugly and you come to blows. What would you do?

Are you emotionally dependent on your boyfriend?
You are not emotionally dependent on your boyfriend at all.
You have a detached relationship in which you are completely okay with the idea of spending time without your boyfriend. You can take your own decisions and don't require the advice of your boyfriend in everything you do.
You have your days of getting emotionally dependent on your boyfriend, but not always.
You become emotionally dependent on your boyfriend only when you're under great amount of stress and tension. Otherwise, you usually function independently.
You are completely dependent on your boyfriend, emotionally.
You are overtly attached to your boyfriend and need his advice, opinion and support in everything you do. You simply can't function without him.
You are emotionally dependent on boyfriend in a selective way.
Depending on the situation and your mood, you depend on your boyfriend emotionally. There is no logic or pattern that governs why you may or may not be emotionally dependent on him.