Are you emotionally ready for sex?

Are you emotionally ready for sex?


How long have you been in a relationship with the partner whom you intend to have sex with?

Have you and your partner ever talked about having sex? If yes, what did you talk about?

Do you truly love your partner or is it just another relationship that you are still unsure of?

What is your idea of a perfect sexual encounter?

Do you and your partner discuss issues like genital hygiene, contraception and STDs openly?

What is the main reason you would want to have sex with your partner?

What would you do if your sexual encounter resulted into pregnancy?

Imagine you're out at a pub with your partner and both of you get extremely drunk. You both are in the mood to try out sex and the opportunity is right. What would you do?

If your friends pestered you into losing your virginity, how would you react?

Are you emotionally ready for sex?
You are emotionally ready for sex.
You have been in a relationship for a long time and you are well aware of the consequences of your sexual actions. You and your partner are deeply in love, mutually understand each other and are in a ripe phase to enjoy physical intimacy.
You have a great relationship but you may need to give it more time before you get physical.
You have experienced stable relationships but you do have your phases of second thoughts. You need to be surer of yourself and your partner before you get into a physical bond.
You are not emotionally ready for sex at all.
You don't take your relationships very seriously or maturely. You are still in the phase of having romantic flings and infatuations. You need to get steady with a reasonably serious partner before you involve yourself in sexual acts.
You are confusing emotions with lust.
You need to first clear your head about your need for a relationship and your need for sex. You are confused between what you want out of the two, which could lead to dreadful consequences.