Are you falling out of love?

Are you falling out of love?


Would you feel like holding your partner's hand while watching a romantic scene in a movie?

You meet someone very attractive at school/work. He/she starts flirting with you. Do you reciprocate?

Suppose your partner got some flowers for you. How would you react?

Do you feel that your relationship is turning out just the way you wanted it to be?

Your partner comes to you and asks you for money. How do you react?

You had a bad day at work. Do you share the problems you faced at work with your partner in the evening?

Do you think that you have the same chemistry with your partner that you had when you first started dating each other?

When was the last time you and your partner were out on a romantic date?

Your partner wakes you up in the middle of the night and tells you that he/she can't get sleep. What do you do?

Are you falling out of love?
You are falling out of love.
Your relationship is at an all time low and you are definitely falling out of love. There is no trust, understanding or love left between the two of you.
Your relationship is going through a very bad phase.
You are not falling out of love, but your relationship is going through a very bad phase. Your feelings for your partner are diminishing day by day and you need to rejuvenate your relationship if you want it to last.
You are definitely not falling out of love.
You respect and adore your partner just the way you did when your relationship started.
You have mixed feelings.
You are not falling out of love but you seem to be confused and have mixed feelings. You and your partner need to put your differences aside and rekindle your love for each other.