Are you fashionable?

Are you fashionable?


The magazines you subscribe to are

When would you usually go to the mall?

Whenever you wear your trench coat in winter, you think of

If you had a 100 dollar voucher for Walgreens, you would spend it on

You think that spending on Victoria's Secret is

What kind of clothes do you usually give away to your younger siblings or to not-for-profits?

Which program on TV would you miss for nothing in this world?

If you had a choice between picking up a Vera Wang dress and a Bebe signature tee, you would

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Are you fashionable?
You are fashionable.
You are passionate about fashion, love following trends and a stylish appearance means a lot to you.
You are not fashionable.
You like wearing nice clothes but aren't particularly interested in fashion. You don't think making such a big deal about appearance is important.