Are you flirty or shy?

Are you flirty or shy?


You attend a party where you hardly know anyone. You spot a person of the opposite sex standing in a corner. What are you likely to do?

You are in the aisle of a supermarket when you see a very attractive person of the opposite sex seemingly lost. They ask you directions to a particular shelf. You

A very hot guy/girl has started working in your office. What is your first reaction?

The cute guy/girl at work whom you've always liked, calls you up after work and asks you what you're up to. What do you say?

How comfortable are you giving speeches and presentations?

A friend has set you up on a blind date. What are your first thoughts?

You get locked in an ATM booth with a very attractive guy/girl for 10 minutes before the cops come and help you both out. How much would you know about the other person in those 10 minutes?

If your friends dared you to ask out a complete stranger on a date, would you take the dare?

Do you consider yourself as an introvert or an extrovert?

Are you flirty or shy?
You are a flirty person.
You can easily strike up conversations with a person of the opposite sex. You never lose an opportunity to show your charm and flirting skills.
You are a shy person.
You are not the kind of person who can walk up to strangers and start an impromptu conversation. You are a little reserved and are not very comfortable with a very attractive person of the opposite sex.