Are you gay?

Are you gay?


You are in the mall when you see a gay couple kissing. How do you feel?

From all the friends that you have, how many are gay?

A gay friend invites you to a gay party where you will be the only person who is not gay. Will you go?

Have you ever kissed a person of the same sex? If you did, how did it feel?

You are about to go to sleep and you feel horny. Whom are you likely to dream about?

You and your best friend have booked tickets on a cruise. When you reach the ship, you realize that you have unknowingly booked tickets on a gay cruise. What do you do?

You are at a night club having a good time when a guy comes to you and tells you that he finds you cute. How will you react?

Suppose you are in the boys' football team. Your team has just finished a game and everyone is in the locker room taking showers. What are you likely to do?

What do you think about guys using beauty products? Do you use them yourself?

Are you gay?
You are not gay.
You have no feelings towards guys and you are definitely not gay. In fact, you don't seem to be fond of gays either.
You may be metrosexual.
You are not gay but you do seem to display the traits of a metrosexual man. You are modern and are open to others having gay relationships.
You are gay.
You display strong characteristics of a gay person. You like being around gay men and you have also fantasized about other guys.
You are confused about your sexuality.
You don't seem to be gay but you are confused about your sexual orientation. It's time you did some introspection and confirmed your sexual preferences.