Are you in a good relationship?

Are you in a good relationship?


Suppose you and your partner had a big fight. How long will it take before you make up and get back to being normal?

How often do you find your partner criticizing you?

Suppose you have an important decision to make at work. Would you trust your partner if he/she gave you advice?

How often do you and your partner cuddle?

Has your partner ever cheated on you?

How would you describe your sex life with your partner? Excellent, average or bad?

It is a bright and sunny Sunday. You want to go to the beach while your partner wants to go biking. What are you likely to do?

Do you and your partner have any common hobbies or interests?

You are going out for dinner to a nice restaurant. You put on your best dress. How likely is your partner to give you a compliment, even though he/she has seen you wearing the same clothes before?

Are you in a good relationship?
You are not in a good relationship.
You are in a terrible relationship. You and your partner often take each other for granted and there seems to be a lack of affection, trust and concern for each other.
You are in a stable relationship which can be improved.
Your relationship is stable but there is still room for improvement. Both of you must express your feelings for each other to make your bond stronger.
You are in a very good relationship.
Your relationship with your partner is a match made in heaven. You both are compatible and understand each other very well.
Your relationship is going through a rough patch.
You may love your partner but your relationship seems to be going through a rough patch. It seems that while there are good times and happy moments, your relationship also has its downsides. This can be removed with a little bit of effort from the two of you.