Are you over your ex?

Are you over your ex?


Your friend tells you that he/she has heard rumors about your ex being in a new relationship. How do you feel?

How often do you look at pictures of you and your ex?

You are working in your office when you suddenly find out that your ex is going to join your team at work next week. How do you react?

If your ex apologized to you and asked for a second chance, would you agree?

You are in the mall when you bump into your ex who is with his/her current partner. How do you react?

How many times in the last one month have you thought of randomly calling your ex?

A very romantic song starts playing while you are enjoying coffee at a cafe. What would you be thinking?

You are going through your closet and you suddenly find a picture of your ex. How do you react?

You are reading the newspaper and you read a quote about love. How do you feel?

Are you over your ex?
You are completely over your ex.
You have completely forgotten your ex and really don't care about what he/she is doing. Good for you!
You are over your ex but you still remember him/her.
You are over your ex but an emotionally tender moment can easily remind you of him/her.
You are not over your ex.
You still think about your ex. You would feel jealous if you found out that your ex was dating someone new. It is apparent that you still have feelings for your ex.
With a little more effort, you will be over your ex.
You are not over your ex but with a little effort, you can easily be at the other side of the fence.