Are you ready to be a parent?

Are you ready to be a parent?


Have you completed your higher education?

Do you often have fights with your partner?

You have to attend a party on Saturday. Your sister calls you last minute to help her with some family errands. You

A group of young kids play ball in the park adjacent to your house every day. One day, they end up breaking a window pane in your house. How would you react?

What was your own childhood like?

You are babysitting a young girl in your neighborhood and her parents have strictly told you to not give her any chocolate. Once they are gone, the girl starts yelling, crying and screaming at you for chocolate. Would you give in?

What would you do if you were playing with someone's newborn and he/she peed in your lap?

According to you, what does a baby need when he/she cries?

Out of the following, what would you rather have in life?

Are you ready to be a parent?
You are ready to become a parent.
You are an extremely responsible and mature person and are ready to take on all the challenges that parenthood will throw at you. You are ready to sacrifice your personal life for your child, if required.
You are on your way to become ready for parenthood.
You are responsible but you have your moments of enjoying childish fun. You still need more time to settle down in your life before you take on parenting responsibilities.
You are not ready to become a parent.
You are at a stage in life where you want absolutely no responsibilities or strings attached. You want to have fun and enjoy a life of freedom. So, it's best that you don't become a parent right now!
You are unsure about becoming a parent.
You have fluctuating wishes about becoming a parent. Sometimes, you show extreme maturity and at other times, you are extremely childish.