Are you ready to find the one for you?

Are you ready to find the one for you?


You are walking down the hall and you swear the most popular girl just winked at you. rnYou turn around and look at her, she smiles. What do you do?

You are required to find a partner for a science project due tomorrow, what do you do?

Walking out of a classroom you see your friends walking down the hall. A popular girl is behind you. What do you do?

You bump into a sort of popular girl at lunch. What do you do?

Homecoming is coming up. What do you do?

You need to ask someone to Homecoming. What do you do.

You have been dating a girl for three months. rnSitting in a movie, you get a text from one of her friends that she wants you to kiss her. What do you do?

Your long term girlfriend breaks up with you. rnWhat do you tell your friends?

You are slow dancing to a song. What do you do?

The dance is done, you pull away and what do you do?

Are you ready to find the one for you?
For 38% you are:
You are a bit shy but keep working your social skills and you will become very lovable.
You could also get this result:
For 15% you are:
You need confidence, and lots of it.