Are you ready to get married?

Are you ready to get married?


What kind of magazine are you currently subscribing to?

Who runs your current household?

What would be your favorite odd job out of these?

What were you thinking in the wedding that you last attended?

Have you taken any decisions in life that you have regretted later?

Marriage for you means

Suppose after marriage, your partner gets a job offer which takes him/her to another country and you have a very good job where you currently live. How would you react?

Whenever you fight with your partner, how do both of you handle things post the fight?

What would you do on your bachelor/bachelorette night before your wedding?

Are you ready to get married?
You are completely ready to get married.
You are marriage material and extremely mature when it comes to relationships. You have what it takes to share your life with someone. Get married right away!
You are on your way to get ready for marriage.
You still have traces of behavior that are typical to being single and independent, but you'll seamlessly graduate to being mature once you get the right partner.
You are not ready to get married at all.
You are very much cut out to be independent and single because you are extremely headstrong. You will not be able to cope with the adjustment, compromise and the kind of maturity that marriage requires.
You are unsure about what you want.
You have pendulum-like mood swings when it comes to marriage. Sometimes, you think it's very romantic and at other times, you hate it.