Are you ready to move in together?

Are you ready to move in together?


Imagine that you are a cleanliness freak and your partner loves dumping his/her towel on the bed each morning. How would you react?

On every dinner date that you have with your partner, who usually foots the bill?

How long have you been in a relationship with your partner?

Would you share each other's bank details after you move in together?

Do the both of you often talk about your future together?

What is the best part about moving in with your partner?

How often have you threatened each other to break up?

Would you both have a Plan B in case your live-in arrangement doesn't work out?

What would you do if your live-in relationship resulted in pregnancy?

Are you ready to move in together?
You are completely ready to move in together.
You and your partner share a great chemistry. You understand each other fully and can easily adapt to each other's habits. You will have a great time moving in together.
You are on your way to get ready to move in together.
Although you are used to living by yourself, you are flexible and understanding by nature and hence won't find it too difficult to share your life with someone.
You are not ready to move in together at all.
You are extremely independent and strong headed by nature. You still need to attain some more maturity when it comes to relationships, let alone moving in with someone.
You are unsure about what you want.
You don't have a steady relationship with your partner. Sometimes you both show a lot of maturity while other times, you behave like you're still teenagers.