Are you spoiled?

Are you spoiled?


How many times have your parents refused to buy you a toy or a gift when you were a child?

Which was your first car?

How far is the local laundromat from your home?

What do you think about having frequent meals at a fast food restaurant?

You need to go to the supermarket which is about a block away from your apartment. What do you do?

You go out to buy a pair of denims. Which brand are you likely to buy?

You are throwing a party for your friends on your birthday. How much are you likely to spend?

Your date suggests that you try a new restaurant. When you reach the restaurant, you realize that it is a low cost restaurant without the elegance and ambiance that you are usually used to. You

Would you mind traveling in public transport?

Are you spoiled?
You are not spoilt.
You have not been spoilt as a child. You have always lived within your means and you know the value of money.
You are very spoilt.
You have been pampered as a child and have always been given what you wanted. You have little regard for the value of money.