Are you talkative?

Are you talkative?


Suppose you are in a meeting at work. How likely are you to sit through the entire meeting without saying a word?

While commuting back and forth to school, college or work, what is your favorite pastime?

Do your friends or colleagues generally call you when they have gossip to share?

You are sitting in a doctor's waiting room, patiently waiting for your appointment. The receptionist tells you that it will be another 20 minutes before the doctor is ready to see you. What are you most likely to do?

If you were left alone with a person in a room for 10 minutes with whom you have absolutely nothing in common, what would you do?

Do you generally have long and engaging conversations with your family on the dinner table?

You are working late in your office and there is just one other person who is working late too. You would

Do you have full control over your cell phone bills or do you always exceed your talk time?

How many times has anyone ever told you that you talk way too much?

Are you talkative?
You are a very talkative person.
You love chatting and find it hard to keep your mouth shut. Whether you are in the office, out with friends or at the dinner table, you always manage to start a conversation or two. You cannot keep mum.
You like chatting.
You like chatting with people around you but you are not a compulsive talker.
You are not talkative at all.
You are generally a quiet person and are not found chatting all the time. You seem to be reserved about your thoughts and are more of a listener than a talker.
You are moody when it comes to talking.
Whether you talk with someone or not depends on your mood, the situation and the individual you are talking to. Sometimes you are very talkative, sometimes extremely silent.