Are you too picky?

Are you too picky?


You are at a mall looking for a turquoise denim that will match your top. You don't find the exact color. What would you end up doing?

You go to a dinner party where everything is laid out perfectly. You happen to notice a wrong set of table napkins. What would your reaction be?

When a friend of yours returns the books you lent him/her, you find a small scratch mark on your book. How would you feel?

In a dinner party that you are hosting, you pre book and order a crate of exotic and expensive red wine bottles from an interstate vineyard. Because of some misunderstanding, you get a different type of red wine than what you ordered. What actions would you take?

A friend of yours who has recently returned from a vacation brings you a couple of souvenirs to choose from - a picture frame, a book, a tee shirt of that country, a cosmetics assortment basket and a bottle of wine. Which one would you pick?

You are out on a first date with someone and they arrive for dinner wearing an outfit that simply doesn't suit your taste. You would

What would your ideal friend be like?

You go to a restaurant where you order quesadillas with side sauces. After bringing your dish, the waiter informs you that they are out of sour cream. You would

Your friends drop in to your place impromptu for some ice cream. You figure there is none in your fridge except plain vanilla. What would you do?

Are you too picky?
You are extremely picky about everything, from your clothes, your dates to the behavior you expect from others.
So much so that if there's something you don't like, you will make that very evident.
You have your choices but you are not too picky or pushy about it.
You have your set of strong choices but you are flexible enough to let them go if the situation demands it. Your logic prevails over your pickiness many times.
You are not picky at all.
You are pretty carefree, open and flexible. You have simple choices and you don't bother getting into the details and specifications of what you like and don't like. You get along with everything, everywhere.
You are unsure about your own choices.
You have a wavering mind are unsure about your own choices. Sometimes you display great amounts of pickiness in things and sometimes you seem extremely flexible.