Are you too trusting?

Are you too trusting?


A friend tells you that his employers have deposited money into a wrong account and hence he has not been paid this month. He further says that his employers will rectify the mistake and give him the money in a week's time. Until then, he wants to borrow $1,000 from you. What would you do?

You go to your boss and ask for a raise because you haven't got any in the last year. Your boss gives you his word that you will be promoted in a few months time. What do you do?

How many times have you been betrayed by friends, partners or acquaintances?

You go to your bank and the teller informs you about a fantastic new investment opportunity where you could double your money in just a few years. What would you do?

You give your car to the local mechanic for repairs. The mechanic takes a look under the hood and tells you that repairs will cost you $500 if you want to make your car road worthy again. What do you do?

You're watching a commercial for a cleaning device which promises to deliver mind boggling results and clean everything immediately. The price seems too good to be true. Would you buy it?

You are walking down the street when a man comes up to you and tells you how he came from a countryside town but got robbed. Now he has no money, no credit cards and needs money to catch a bus home. What would you do?

You and your friend have bought front row tickets to the Friday night game. You met your friend in the afternoon and you both left for home to get ready for the game. Just an hour before the game you receive a call from your friend who tells you that he can't go because he is sick. What do you do?

You are on a vacation in a foreign country and you take a cab from the airport to the hotel. You think that the cab driver is taking the longer route to overcharge you. What do you do?

Are you too trusting?
You are not trusting at all.
It would be fair to call you a skeptic. You don't trust anyone and seem to doubt the morality of everything that is told to you by friends, colleagues and other strangers.
You trust others with caution.
You are not too trusting but you are not a skeptic either. You have a habit of double checking things before you agree to do something.
You are too trusting.
You seem to believe every word that is told to you. You trust others very easily because of which there have been times when you have been betrayed.
You trust without logic.
Depending on the situation, you tend to become too trusting or not trusting at all. There is no behavioral pattern or logic as to what determines your trust on other people.