Can you hide your emotions well?

Can you hide your emotions well?


You and your friend have a big fight. The next day you meet at school, how would you behave with him/her?

Your boss at work points out many mistakes in your report in front of everyone. You would

Your friend cracks a joke which takes a pot-shot at your partner. You find the joke extremely funny. Would you laugh out loud?

You have received a solid promotion at work but your boss has informed you that it would take one more week to confirm the same. Would you tell your friends and family in the meanwhile?

You go to a pub and the neon lights there make you realize that you're wearing the wrong innerwear. What would you do?

You're socializing with someone who could be your potential employer in the future. He/she says something that you grossly disagree with. What would your reaction be?

You're in a foreign country where you overhear two people stating facts about your home country that are very misleading. You would...

You have an annoying friend who keeps on visiting you without calling. On one such occasion when he/she does this, you would

When you're in a situation trying to control/hide any emotion of yours, what are your facial features like?

Can you hide your emotions well?
You can hide your emotions very well.
You have mastered the art of hiding your emotions very well. Whether you are deeply flustered or happy, you don't let your feelings come on your face. You are a cool cat.
You can hide your emotions sometimes.
In manageable situations, you do hide your emotions well, but when a situation gets too complex, you lose control.
You can't hide your emotions at all.
Just about any type of emotion tends to show on your face as soon as you experience something. Your face and actions don't let you hide your emotions at all.
You are unsure of your emotions and get easily confused.
You let the situation govern you completely and are unsure of your own emotions and reactions, leading to confusion as to whether you should hide your emotions or not.