Could you live on your own?

Could you live on your own?


Do you usually do your own laundry?

Can you live on a tight budget?

How old are you?

Do you earn enough money to pay your own bills?

Do you know how to cook?

Have you lived alone before?

How well versed are you with household chores including cleaning, vacuuming, mopping, dusting, doing the dishes and other work around the house?

Are you scared easily if you have to spend many nights together alone in your house?

Have there been times when you have forgotten to put the milk in the fridge or shut down the flame of the stove?

Could you live on your own?
You may not be able to live alone.
You are not well versed with the idea of living alone. You seem to lack the basic skills required to run a household in your own individual capacity.
You could live alone.
You seem to be a responsible individual and can handle yourself well. You know your way around some of the basic household chores which will help you in living alone.