Do you believe in vampires?

Do you believe in vampires?


Do you have a vampire based novel lying around in your bedroom or house?

Do you believe in the concept of the undead?

Do you have a safety plan just in case you get attacked by a vampire?

Do you like to watch vampire movies?

Do you believe that drinking human blood may have spiritual nourishment attached to it?

Do you have an imaginary friend right now or have you had one in your childhood?

On a lonely night, have you ever felt a presence of someone being around you, even though you are alone?

Do you think that exorcism can be carried out with success?

Do you have friends who regularly indulge in satanic rituals?

Do you believe in vampires?
You don't believe in vampires.
Vampires are myths for you. You don't believe in paranormal activity and are firm with your belief that the only people on earth are human beings.
You believe in vampires.
You believe in the undead and have a feeling that there is more to life than just mere mortals. You believe that vampires may lurk in the shadows that humans are unaware of.