Do you get bullied easily?

Do you get bullied easily?


You are out for an ice-cream with some of your classmates or colleagues whom you don't know that well. After you all finish, they conveniently corner you in footing the bill. You would

During lunch times at school/work, whom do you usually sit with?

You get to know that the report you made was accidentally credited to someone else. You

You're walking back home late in the night. A thug comes upto you and demands cash. You

You realize that a friend of yours had been secretly passing dirty remarks about you. You would

Have you ever been involved in rowdy brawls at school, whether verbal or physical in nature?

Everyone has a nick name in school. What is/was yours?

A friend of yours is getting wrongly teased and bullied by a group of students in your school. What would you do?

You and your friend go to see a movie in which your favorite actor is playing a part of a bully. How would you react after watching the film?

Do you get bullied easily?
You get bullied easily.
You are very soft and calm by nature. Even the weakest of people seem to push you over for their own benefit.
You get bullied sometimes.
You may get bullied sometimes but you always make your attempts to get back at the person who bullies you. This may ensure that you don't get bullied next time onwards.
You don't get bullied easily.
You are a fighter by nature and there's no chance that someone will even dare and bully you.
Whether you get bullied or not depends on the situation and your state of mind.
The way you fight back to someone's bullying or cornering really depends on the strength and the state of mind you have at that point.