Do you get frustrated very easily?

Do you get frustrated very easily?


You are on your way to work and the traffic on the freeway is making you late for an important meeting. How are you likely to spend the next 15 minutes?

You are in your office, working on an important document. Suddenly your computer crashes and you lose a lot of your work. How would you react?

You are sitting in a waiting room of a clinic. The receptionist tells you that the doctor just had an emergency call and it will be another 45 minutes before he can see you. What would you do?

You are at the movie theater and someone cuts the queue to get ahead of you and many others who are waiting to buy tickets. No one objects. What would you do?

Have you ever procrastinated work?

Your cable connection went dead and you call your cable company. The customer service call center operator tells you that it will be at least another 6 hours before a serviceman can get to your house. What is your immediate reaction?

You are going to meet someone at 4 pm for business. They don't show up until 5 and give you a clumsy excuse for showing up late. What do you do?

You ask your friend if he wants to come with you to the movies in the evening. Your friend tells you that he will call you back in 15 minutes. An hour goes by but you haven't heard from your friend. What do you do?

A guy in your car pool has been late twice in a row, which in turn makes you late. You

Do you get frustrated very easily?
You don't get frustrated easily.
You are one cool cat. You have a lot of patience and your tolerance levels are high. You don't get frustrated easily which is a skill that very few people have.
You get frustrated but after showing some amount of patience and calmness.
You seem to have lower than average tolerance levels. However, your logical side takes over in tense situations which saves you from eventual embarrassment.
You get frustrated very easily.
Your patience and tolerance levels are extremely low. You tend to lose your cool at the slightest of provocation by people around you.
Your frustration is unpredictable.
There is no logic as to when you will get frustrated. You are extremely moody