Does your boyfriend tell you all his secrets?

Does your boyfriend tell you all his secrets?


Suppose you go through all the contacts in your boyfriend's cell phone. How many names come up that you have no idea about?

When your boyfriend goes out to the pub or other hangout places with his mates, what does he usually tell you?

Does your boyfriend share his Facebook, Twitter and email passwords with you?

Has your boyfriend ever talked to you about his ex-girlfriends?

How often do you spend time just cuddling with your boyfriend on the sofa or bed and just talk about random things?

One of your boyfriend's best mates is having troubles with his girlfriend. If you asked him more about it, what would he say?

Your boyfriend goes to Las Vegas with a bunch of his friends and they spend a few days gambling and having a lot of fun. Every night that he was there, you called him to ask how he was doing. What were your phone calls like?

Do you know all your boyfriend's coworkers?

Suppose a beautiful girl who knows your boyfriend tells him that she likes him. She has also been texting him and also sends him a few lewd pictures on his email account. What are the chances that your boyfriend will tell this to you, and how?

Does your boyfriend tell you all his secrets?
Your boyfriend tells you all his secrets.
You and your boyfriend seem to share everything that goes in your lives. Your boyfriend cuts no corners while confiding in you and you trust him completely.
Your boyfriend tells you secrets but not all of them.
Your boyfriend happily divulges everything to you but may not go all the way and tell you the darkest and deepest of his secrets.
Your boyfriend does not tell you his secrets.
Your boyfriend maintains a certain distance while sharing stuff with you. You are sure that you don't know all his secrets and you don't seem to trust him to tell you everything that goes on in his life either.
Your boyfriend is moody and temperamental about telling you his secrets.
It would be unfair to say that your boyfriend hides his secrets from you, but at the same time, he might have not told you many things because of being selective, moody or for no reason at all.