Does your partner like you?

Does your partner like you?


It is raining and you are stuck in downtown waiting for a bus ride home when your partner calls you on your cell phone. Will he/she come and pick you up without having to ask for it?

You are out of a job and are running low on money. You have already borrowed money from your partner twice. Do you think he/she will lend you more money whilst you find a new job?

A coworker of the opposite sex is making undesirable advances towards your partner. Do you feel insecure?

You call your partner after midnight and ask him/her to pick you up so you can go out for an ice cream. How do you think he/she will react?

How often do you spot your partner looking at an attractive person of the opposite sex?

What do you think your partner is going to give you as a gift this Valentine's Day?

You have a date with your partner in the evening when they receive a call from one of their old friends who wants to catch up with them over drinks. What do you think will happen?

Your partner buys you a new cell phone which has some awesome features that you love. Do you think he/she will swap their new cell phone with your old one, just because you like it?

How often do you think your partner thinks about you every day?

Does your partner like you?
Your partner likes you very much.
You are your partner's eye candy and he/she will do almost anything to keep you happy.
Your partner doesn't seem to like you very much.
You may be in a relationship with a loving partner but you don't seem to know your partner in and out. You must work a lot on your relationship.