How dumb are you?

How dumb are you?


You are running across a street and you see a banana peel lying on the road. What will you do?

You run to the bus stop and realize that you have just missed your bus which will come again only after a long wait of another 40 minutes. What will you do?

You have a deadline for a massive project coming up soon. When do you start working on it?

You want to buy a pair of expensive shoes which are going on sale after a few weeks. What do you do?

Would you rather choose to have a million dollars in your bank or a fancy apartment?

How do you dispose off old clothes?

A single bottle of shampoo costs $20 and a pack of 3 bottles costs $45. What would you rather buy?

Suppose your house catches fire. What is the first thing you will take from your house and run?

Out of the following options, which one will you pick as a method to save money on a monthly basis?

How dumb are you?
You are 100% dumb.
You seem to fare quite low on your IQ quotient. You seem to take the most impractical of decisions even when you know that it is not right for you. You are the type of person who does whatever comes to your mind first, without thinking whether that is the right thing to do or not.
You are 75% dumb.
You seem to have a low IQ. You tend to get confused sometimes are that impairs your ability to take practical decisions. You also seem to act hastily and end up taking actions that aren't in your own interests.
You are 50% dumb.
You seem to be a fairly smart and practical person. You seem to take measured decisions and you think before doing anything. You respond to situations like any other normal person would. You seem to know how to make sound and secure judgments.
You are 25%dumb.
Sometimes you show a lot of maturity and intelligence. Other times you act in the most stupid way. Your mood, the situation and your state of mind seems to determine how you behave. Your response and behavior are very fluctuating and inconsistent.