How gross are you?

How gross are you?


After chewing on a gum, where do you spit it off?

How often do you clean the bathrooms of your house?

Your best friend splits up with his/her partner. How will you react?

You come back home after a long tiring day and you realize that you have no meat or veggies in the fridge to cook. What will you do?

You are using the loo and you realize that you are out toilet paper. What will you do?

How frequently do you run the dishwasher?

You spill some food on your beige colored shirt. What is the first thing that you will do?

You are taking a swim and you have the sudden urge to pee. What do you do?

Out of the following, which delicacy would you have if you had nothing else to eat?

How gross are you?
You are very gross
You are very gross. You seem to have the most unhealthy and unhygienic of habits that can gross other people out. You seem to be careless and don't mind openly flouting the general norms of general cleanliness. You should tidy up your life and your manners if you want to be less gross.
You can be a little gross sometimes
You can be a little gross sometimes. You seem to be not too clean, nor too gross. You barely manage to cross the levels of maintaining decent hygiene standards in your food and your house. Your lackadaisical attitude is what makes you gross sometimes.
You are not gross at all
You are not gross at all. You seem to be a normal person with great hygiene standards and a great attitude towards life. You have high standards of cleanliness and you live a sober and a socially acceptable life. You are not a gross person at all.
You tend to act gross when you are in a bad mood
You tend to act gross when you are in a bad mood. You are generally a sober and clean person but when you're feeling lazy or are generally in a bad mood, you tend to act weird and gross. Don't let your mood govern your habits of cleanliness and tidiness.