How scary are you?

How scary are you?


You are dressing up for a sophisticated dinner party. Which type of outfit will you chose to wear?

Out of the following, which is your favorite festival?

Out of the following, which is your favorite TV show?

Out of the following, which lip color would you wear on your first date with someone?

Which item in your room do you consider to be lucky for you?

What do you do when you are not well?

Out of the following, which movie can you relate to the most?

Your favorite movie character is played by

Who do you dream to meet in person someday in life?

How scary are you?
You are very scary.
You seem to be quite weird and you have peculiar behavioral patterns. You interests lie in things that involve witchcraft, wizardry, gothic stuff and ghosts. You behave and react differently than other normal people and because of this others may find you quite scary.
You are slightly scary.
Sometimes you behave in a very weird way and you do things that would normally scare other people. Other times you seem to act sane. Your antics do tend to scare the hell out of people once in a while. You behave inconsistently and that seems to scare people.
You are not scary .
You seem to be a normal person with ordinary choices. You behave and live life just like other normal people. You don't have peculiar tastes or choices because of which others may find you scary, weird or freaky.