How weird are you?

How weird are you?


You remember at the last minute that you have to attend a friend's birthday but you don't have a gift. You would

If you are asked to write a paragraph on something you like impromptu, what would it be about?

You are at an art gallery where you don't understand or appreciate a single piece of work. Incidentally, the artist comes up to you and asks if you liked the exhibition. How would you handle the situation?

If you were asked to choose a department in a company in which you would like to work, it would be the department concerning

Your car breaks down in the middle of a highway. You know nothing about car repair, nor do you have a phone. How would you handle the situation?

What do you think of the Japanese craft Origami?

If you have a chance to eat gourmet food made by a celebrity chef, what would you love about it?

What are your sweetest dreams made up of?

Out of the following, what are you most likely to do on a lazy Sunday?

How weird are you?
You are very creative.
You are inherently a very creative person and tend to look at everything in life with inspiration.
You can become creative if you hone your skills a bit more.
You have mild skills of creativity, but unless you really bring them out and hone them, you will be unable to reach the zenith of your creativity.
You are not creative at all.
You like taking short cuts and getting things done quickly rather than thinking creatively. You don't have much regard for creativity or doing things differently.
Your creativity is governed by your state of mind, individuals around you and the situation in general.
You have phases of being creative, it's not a constant skill that you can rely on.