Is he your type?

Is he your type?


You both are deciding where you want to go on a vacation. Which place are you most likely to zero in on?

When you both are on a date, who does most of the talking?

Do you get along well with his friends?

When you shut your eyes and think about what your life will be 5 years down the line, do you see your current boyfriend in the picture?

Suppose you were busy taking notes in the library at school or at your workplace and if he happened to pass you, would he offer help?

If you had to split a million dollars between both of you, what would each of you do with it?

Since you love reading, you ask your boyfriend to accompany you to a local book fest. He's not a big fan of reading. Would he come?

You are extremely career oriented. What does he do for a living?

You love animals and you see an injured animal on a street. What would you do and how would your boyfriend react in the same situation?

Is he your type?
He is completely your type.
Not only does he share many of your interests, he even respects your interests that aren't common to his own. You both show great compatibility and you will get on very well with each other.
He shares some of your interests but not all.
Although your boyfriend attempts to share some of your interests, he isn't successful in doing so each time. But gradually as you get accustomed to each other, you may think that he is your type.
He is not your type at all.
He doesn't share any common interests with you. Not only that, many times, he doesn't even support you. You should think twice before moving on with this guy as you show no signs of compatibility with him.
You are unsure about what his type is.
In some situations, it seems like he is completely your type, while at other times, he behaves like the exact opposite.